Monday, May 29, 2006

the new beat history

In the early 1950s, Brazilian musicians including Antonio Carlos Jobim, João Gilberto, and Luíz Bonfa, were exposed to jazz records from the popular West Coast, or cool jazz style. By the late 1950s, these musicians had blended elements of the Brazilian samba rhythm, commonly heard in parades and street music, with the delicate sound and harmonic approach of cool jazz, creating a charming and subdued, but harmonically advanced "bossa nova" (translation: "new beat") style. The early 1960s was a period of transition for jazz and popular music. The impact of great American songwriters, including Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, George and Ira Gershwin, Hoagy Carmichael, and Jerome Kern, whose careers began in "Tin Pan Alley" at the turn of the century, was dissipating. The popularity of hard bop and other strains of jazz in the 1950s began to wane by the early 1960s with declining record sales and nightclub attendance. Prior to the British invasion by the Beatles and the development of the Motown sound that eventually swept the record industry, the bossa nova emerged as a new musical direction in both jazz and popular genres. In 1962, the bossa nova was introduced to America by guitarist Charlie Byrd, who had toured Brazil and became immersed in the idiom. His recording with saxophonist Stan Getz, Jazz Samba, became an immediate popular success, spawning the birth of the bossa nova style. Soon other jazz musicians, including saxophonists Coleman Hawkins and Sonny Rollins and flutist Herbie Mann, began making bossa nova recordings. By the mid-1960s, bossa nova compositions including Jobim's "Girl From Ipanema" and "Wave" had become standard within the jazz repertoire. Today, a new generation of Brazilian musicians continue to weave floating melodies and hypnotic grooves founded in the bossa nova style. Current artists include Vinicius Cantuária, Ivan Lins, Djavan, Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento, Sergio Mendes, Eliane Elias, Sitti(philippines)

Friday, May 26, 2006

1st filipino band performed at MTV asia awards!

In a historic moment for OPM and Pinoy rock, Rivermaya took centerstage at the recent MTV Asia Awards 2006 ceremonies, at the 5,000-capacity Siam Paragon in Bangkok, Thailand.

It was the first time for a Filipino band to be invited to perform, and the first time any Filipino artist was privileged to perform a solo-spot number in the five-year history of the MTV Asia Awards.

The glittering roster of international performers included rock icons Korn, Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child, Daniel Powter, top U.S. band Hoobastank, as well as pop superstars from across Asia, including Teriyaki Boyz of Japan, Seven of Korea, Vicky Zhao of China, and Tata Young of Thailand.

Performing its massive hit, ''You'll Be Safe Here'', Rivermaya was accompanied by the Royal Thai Army Orchestra's string section, amidst a magical mix of state-of-the-art lcd and graphic effects. The band that has been hailed as ''Ang Banda ng Bayan'' by fans across the Philippines was introduced by Kelly Rowland as the artist ''set to cross continents.''

Before taking the stage, Rico Blanco, lead vocalist for Rivermaya, exclaimed in an MTV interview, ''This one is for the Philippines!''

The intensely moving performance visibly captivated the audience, composed of music industry movers and shakers - record labels, media (tv, radio, print), as well as musicians from every genre, who had flown in from all over the region to attend what is rated as one of the biggest annual music events in Asia.

The awards show is beamed across Asia and reaches 400 million households, or an estimated 1 Billion viewers.

Accolades were unanimous for Rivermaya's stunning performance at the event.

Charmayne Yap, Director for Talents & Artists Relations for MTV Asia said, ''Rivermaya did an awesome performance and this not only comes from MTV, but everyone else that watched them at the show. Kudos to Rivermaya! After Asia sees them on our show, they might just be the next big thing!''

The Bangkok Post raved that ''the most outstanding showcases were by (Japanese superstars) Teriyaki Boyz and by Rivermaya. Rivermaya did the Philippines - and Southeast Asia - proud with a strong stage presence and a beautiful tune enhanced by a string section.''

Attending the ceremonies was Philippine Ambassador to Thailand, H.E. Narciso Rodriguez who said, ''Words cannot describe how I felt witnessing Rivermaya take the stage in such a world-class setting, with the creme de la creme of Asia in the audience - it was overwhelming!''

Mark Cailles, manager for UK rock band Placebo who was in Bangkok for the launch of the band's new album, Meds, also sent his congratulations to the band saying that Rivermaya's performance ''made (his) night.''

Peter Bullard, managing director for MTV Japan noted that ''Rivermaya's performance was at par with the best of any international act in the U.S. or Europe - you could put the band anywhere in the world and they would be outstanding.''

Chris Hermosisima of NU 107, the country's leading rock station, said, ''Rivermaya just elevated the local band scene to a higher level - we are so proud of them!''

As a double triumph, Rivermaya was also named Philippines' Favorite Artist 2006, making it the second year in a row that the band has taken home the gold. Only one artist per country receives the honor each year. Votes are tallied from across Asia, and this year's votes amounted to 14 Million. Rivermaya has also won the Favorite Group award a record-breaking three times at the MTV Pilipinas Awards, in 2002, 2003 and 2005.

Accepting the award, Rivermaya thanked ''all the bands and fans who worked hard in the spirit of bayanihan to make 2006 a great year for Filipino music.''

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

RHU's Celebrant of the Month

Happy B-day Ate Vilyn

Monday, May 22, 2006

buhay ko!

This Is My Life, Rated
Try mo din!

"This average is generated from 109,436 quiz scores."


life: 6.5

mind: 6.4

body: 7.1

spirit: 6.3

friends/family: 4.6

love: 3.7

finance: 5.9 [d2 ako bagsak, ala pera]

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Grand EB!

stone house bar
GRAND EB @ stone house
photos here by Mark Cerbo

ortigas park concert!

tatooed in my arms! LOL
bossa girl and me tatooed un my arms hehehe w/ my new friends:)
kuya von, bossa girl, ate eileen kuya von, bossa girl, ate eileen

auz yan!! spread the bossa love!!!!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bossa Manila's "IT" Girl hits Gold!

sittiBarely 3 months after the release of Café Bossa, the debut album of then unknown Sitti is now certified gold (over 15,000 units sold) and receiving a massive reception from the music fans of bossa-nova from young to adult. Surprisingly, the album sells like pancakes whereas the current OPM hits are dominated by pop-alternative bands.

Sitti got the biggest break in her singing career when Warner Music Philippines executives decided to cut her solo album after hearing her demo CD. Today, her debut effort is currently the fastest-selling album and strongly holds the #1 spot in major retail stores nationwide - SM Record Bars, Tower Records, Music One, Radio City and Astroplus.

Café Bossa contains 18 tracks of contemporary songs and pop, jazz standards sung in Sitti's cool, bossa style. Its carrier single, "Tattooed On My Mind," a cover of D' Sound, is already receiving good airplay on radio. Her versions of Everything But The Girl's "I Didn't Know I Was Looking For Love" and Michael Franks' "Lady Wants To Know" are two other outstanding cuts in the album.

Sitti also does impressive and bouncy takes on OPM bossa legend, Bong Penera's "Samba Song," Jobim's "One Note Samba," Frank Sinatra's Fly Me To The Moon," and Sergio Mendes' "Mas Que Nada". Two more favorites in the CD repertoire include the jazzy, upbeat melding of "Close To You/Half A Minute" and the Emil Pama original "Para Sa Akin." Café Bossa is indeed a cup of chill in 18 choice cuts. It's a must-hear album of laid back tunes done in the warm sounds of OPM's bossa nova babe.

Meet Bossa-Manila's IT Girl and get a taste of Café Bossa! Buy the album and get it signed by Sitti herself on her free-for-all album launch happening at the Ortigas Park on May 19, Friday 6:00PM. For more info tune in to Magic 89.9 TM and get a chance to win Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Gift Certificates. This event is brought to us by Warner Music Philippines, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Magic 89.9 TM and Ortigas & Company Limited Partnership.

Monday, May 15, 2006

a great day! yey..

pag siniswerte ka talaga, talagang swerte ka!
kagabi nag YM ako tapos may nag pm sakin eto ung napag usapan namin!

tanabe_42: di mo naman kinuha yung ticket
enteng_kabisote15: hehehe
enteng_kabisote15: sayang nga eh
enteng_kabisote15: nandun pa nmn ung gf ko

tanabe_42: kitchie?
enteng_kabisote15: hndi noh
enteng_kabisote15: c sitti
tanabe_42: sitti ?
tanabe_42: asan ka ngaun?
teng_kabisote15: nsa hauz
enteng_kabisote15: bkit

tanabe_42: makinig ka 99.5
tanabe_42: andun si sitti hanggang 9
tanabe_42: yun pinapakinggan ko ngaun
enteng_kabisote15: waaaaah
enteng_kabisote15: pota
enteng_kabisote15: d nga

tanabe_42: oo
tanabe_42: sa 99.5
tanabe_42: sandali lang
tanabe_42: tanong ko ym nila
tanabe_42: pde ka padala message
enteng_kabisote15: ym nino?

tanabe_42: ng 99.5
enteng_kabisote15: ah
enteng_kabisote15: cge
enteng_kabisote15: pota
tanabe_42: sandali
enteng_kabisote15: gus2 ko mag mura

tanabe_42: ulul
tanabe_42: chaq di
enteng_kabisote15: ang tagal
enteng_kabisote15: san na?
tanabe_42: ng?
enteng_kabisote15: ym
tanabe_42: sandali
enteng_kabisote15: pota
tanabe_42: busy linya
enteng_kabisote15: ang tagal
tanabe_42: rt995fm
tanabe_42: ayan id
enteng_kabisote15: ulul
enteng_kabisote15: d gna
tanabe_42: pede mo i view webcam
enteng_kabisote15: waaaaaah
tanabe_42: oo nga
tanabe_42: gago
enteng_kabisote15: wag kang gago
enteng_kabisote15: d nga?
tanabe_42: ulul
enteng_kabisote15: d nga?

tanabe_42: oo nga tanga
tanabe_42: gago ka ba?
tanabe_42: ano nakita mo na?
enteng_kabisote15: yan na
enteng_kabisote15: pota

so so yan nga, dyan nagsimula ang lahat, nakita ko na si sitti sa cam, edi na excite na ako! hehe. so yun na nga, then tumawag ako sa isa pang adik kay sitti, c "kamyl". so yun na nag uusap na kami syempre naiinggit na sya joke hehehe... hanggang sa na isip namin na i try na tumawag sa radio staion yung 99.5 rt nga para dun sa sunday session nila. so yun na di ko na alam yung gagawin ko sa sobrang dami, may ka chat ako[c tanabe], may ka text[c kamyl], tapos patingin tingin sa web cam ni sitti, tpos tumatawag pa ako sa station hirap kumontact grabe hanggang sa tuluyan na akong sinwerte....

ako:hello rt ba to?
dj:yes what can i do for you?
ako:[walang masabi, kamusta naman yun?]
ako:a wala lang po, gus2 ko lng makausap c sitti
dj:ok, just wait til d commercial end, and you will be on air!
ako:YES![parang nababaliw, joke]

so yun na nga...
ang hirap pag first time nakakakaba, wala ako masabi tapos ang dami pang nakalimutan batiin, isa lang yung nabati ko, swempre yung nagpabati, c "kamyl". syempre dahil nga sa swerte halos lahat ng messeges ko eh binabasa ng dj. nakaka aliw at di lang yon dahil nakatawag ulit ako at ako pa ang last caller! o diba pang finale ako! grabe! ang sayang experience nung nayari na yon.. unforgetable talaga.. LOL

Sunday, May 14, 2006

SITTI NAVARRO! my newest girl este craze pala..

sitti album cover
Sitti Navarro is a local Pinay who’s just in her tender twenties, with more than ten years of singing expertise to back her up. Sitti, whose name means princess in the Muslim dialect, is truly worthy of her bossa babe title. Lithe, smart and pretty, Sitti was weaned onto song in the usual Pinoy manner: Goaded by relatives, she’d sing a couple of Whitney Houston torchers at family gatherings. The former core commander would also join singing contests and was very active in the school choir. After graduating from high school in 2001, her neighbor, pianist and accompanist Romy San Mateo, scouted the young business economics major out, and asked if she wanted to sing at the Stonehouse jazz bar. She has also landed gigs at other lounge spots, such as Kalesa Bar and the Richmond and Makati Shangri-la Hotels, besides hosting events and touring island destinations in the Philippines in Studio23’s The Travel Show. Sitti was made to sing bossa nova. Her relaxed singing style and soothing voice lingers above the complex harmonies of the jazz and samba influenced Brazilian genre, effortlessly gelling lyric and music together. Sitti’s eyes light up when she talks about music, especially bossa. In 2004, Sitti got another big break, this time as a recording artist for Warner Music Philippines. After hearing a few demos from Sitti, the major label decided to cut her a solo record. In 2005, Sitti found herself recording her debut album, Café Bossa. “I want people in my age bracket to be aware about jazz and bossa nova, and that there’s more to music besides the standard pop and R&B,” shares Sitti. New converts and long time bossa fans alike will not be disappointed by Sitti’s debut offering. Café Bossa is indeed a cup of chill in 18 choice tracks. It’s a must-hear album of laid-back tunes done in the warm sounds of OPM’s bossa babe.
sitti album(back)
*girl from ipanema*tattoed on my mind*at 17*hey look at the sun*i didn't know what i''m looking for love*invisible war*one note samba*soft melody*you on my mind*lost in space*lady wants to know*close to you/half a minute*samba song*bridges*mas que nada*wave*fly me to the moon*para sa akin

Sitti Navarro 1st album under Warner Music. Eighteen Tracks with bossa nova feel. Executive Producer: Mr. Ricky Ilacad, Album Producer: Neil Gregorio A&R:Mr. Ricky Ilacad, Neil Gregorio and Frey Sembrano, Mixing Engr:Dante Tanedo, recorded at Stone House Bed & Breakfast by Mark Lacay Album Photography: Paolo Pineda, Styled by Patzy Marquez, Album cover by Joseph De Vera Musicias: Chito Cernanez(Musical Director and pianist), Erskine Basilio on guitar, Sonny Teodoro on drums and percussions,Vic San Juan on Bass, Archie Lacorde on Sax and Flute, Marcy Estrellla on percusions* Jerome Rico semi hallow guitar (One Note Samba).



"There's no doubt that Sitti was made to stand in the spot light."

"She's good. I have watched her several times before at Jazz Central. " -jerome alvarez

Pretty and talented Katrina "Sitti" Navarro is a UP student whose passion is singing.

"parang naririnig ko pa din ung kanta ni sitti sa isip ko" -kamyl[friend ko]

"hindi ako makatulog, naiisip ko padin c sitti" -erik[ako]

sitti navarro official websites
sitti's gigs/show here

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


mamahalin ko ang sarili ko
ipapakita ang tunay na ako
di lang puro gimik, text at japorms ang iisipin
maski sa school at bahay, lagi akong sisipagin
hindi ako malululong sa masamang bisyo
di ko trip bumarkada sa mga loko loko
bukas ang loob sa anumang pwedeng matutunan
focus ng buhay ko ang maayos na kinabukasan

mamahalin ko ang aking pamilya
uunawain at kikilalanin kung sino sila
di huhusgahan ang pagkakamali nina nanay at tatay
ayokong maging pasaway
magiging responsableng kapatid kila bro at sis
pagtulong sa bahay, di ako maiinis
anuman ang marating ko sa buhay
bawat tagumpay, sa kanila ko iaalay

mamahalin ko ang bansang pilipinas
susunod ako sa lahat ng batas
tatangkilikin ang produktong sariling akin
gawang noypi, in na in sa akin
aalagaan ko ang aking paligid
sa kapwang pilipino, di magiging manhid
saang lupalop man sa mundo ako mapunta
pinoy pa rin ako, wala nang iba!

mamahalin ko ang panginoong diyos
isasapuso ko lahat ng kanyang utos
lagi akong magdarasal
ibabahagi sa iba ang kanyang pag-ibig at aral
hindi ko makakalimutan ang magpasalamat
sa kanya, ako ay magiging karapat-dapat
wala nang mas hip at cool sa kanya
sa buhay ko, sya ang idol at palaging bida!

sa bahay ni kuya, ako ay magsisimula
isasabuhay ko ang teen commandments na ito
para kay big bro at sa mga kabataang tulad ko

"i think its good kung susunurin ito ng mga kabataan
kahit imbento lang ito ng isang tv show
walang masama kung susundin nating mga kabataan
ang "teen commandments" na ito "

Sunday, May 07, 2006

enteng's seven deadly sins


dahil sa di pa ako inaantok, eh nag surf muna ako!

at eto nga ang na discover ko *ngisi*

pero ok lang cool naman eh!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

S.Beat MP3 (Swiss Army Knife with MP3 Player)

It had to happen, the world's first gadget has been tech'ed up. Tucked into this slick looking little Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox is a 1 Gig detachable MP3 Player (so you can pop the knife in your luggage and carry the player onto a plane when travelling).

The knife has a blade, nail file and scissors and looks rather dreamy, and the MP3 player will play MP3, WAV and WMA files, has an FM radio, a voice recorder, a rather neat remote control dongle, and a sexy jogging arm-band so you can listen to your tunes when you're - well, jogging presumably. Gorgeously well made of course, and ideal for all sport nuts.


A sturdy aluminium Swiss Army Knife with flash based MP3 player and USB drive.
1GB memory which can store up to 250 songs.
A fully featured remote control with 2 earphone jacks and a hold button.
High quality earphones.
A digital voice recorder with a built-in microphone.
Stereo FM radio with recording function.
A multi-language interface.
A USB extension cable.
A blade, a nail file and scissors.
A rubber and Velcro arm strap so you can listen whilst working out.

No software required.
Supported by Windows 2000/XP and Mac 0S X Version 10.2 and higher.
Requires a rechargeable Lithium Battery (included) that recharges using your USB port.
A fully charged battery provides up to 8 hours of your listening pleasure.
Multi-language instruction manual.
2 year warranty.
Size: 7.4 x 2.2 x 2cm.

This product is not a toy and is unsuitable for children. Never leave a child with a knife unsupervised.